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Smartivity Pinball Machine



You’ve played pinball at the arcade. But, why wait to visit an arcade when you can make your own Pinball Machine! Smartivity Pinball Machine STEAM Educational Construction Toy kit contains all the parts needed and a step-by-step instructions to build a fully-functional Pinball Machine. Keep the ball in play, and beware of the poppers! Score maximum points and challenge your friends to beat your high score. In the process, learn about levers, momentum and energy transfer through play.

You can play it just like the arcade Pinball Machine! Use the flippers to keep the strikers in play, and strike the release plates to earn points. Whoever earns the most points in their alloted lives, wins!

Product Features:

  • Your child will learn
  • Levers
  • Energy Transformation
  • Momentum Transfer
  • Recommend Age 8+

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Price: $39.99 Each

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