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Smartivity Hydraulic Plane Launcher



Soar to the skies! Smartivity Hydraulic Plane Launcher uses the power of hydraulic pressure to launch paper planes... The kit includes all the elements needed to assemble a hydraulic pressure-based plane launcher, foldable paper with markings to make different types of planes, and an easy-to-understand instruction manual. Just fill the syringe with water, and experience the magic of science!

Follow the instructions in the manual to build the Hydraulic Plane Launcher. Once built, press the syringe to launch your plane into the skies! Observe how different types of planes have different flight patterns. To make the game more exciting, launch the plane and the plastic balls together and bomb away!

Notes & Tips:

  • Suitable for ages 6yrs and above.
  • Choking hazard: Contains or may generate small parts.
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    Price: $24.99 Each

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