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Puzzle Master Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Elephant 137 Piece



This incredible Puzzle Master 137 Piece Elephant Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle is another great puzzle from Puzzle Master. Anyone who enjoys puzzles and who loves these amazing creatures is going to have a whole heap of fun putting this together.

Puzzle Master has really outdone themselves with this amazing new series of jigsaw puzzles that feature some of the most amazing creatures on the planet. This one is a powerful and wise looking elephant. What is neat about this is that it is not just your typical elephant image that you have seen a million times before. This one is made from all kinds of colours and patterns and it is a very cool and artistic kind of effect that makes the elephant well and truly pop off the table. The colours also help put the puzzle maker into a kind of zen-like state as they are putting it together.

One of the most fun aspects of this jigsaw puzzle is just how challenging it is. Even though it is only made from 137 pieces; this jigsaw puzzle is still challenging. Thanks to the puzzle pieces making up the actual shape of the elephant’s head rather than being a traditional square or rectangle, it poses a rather unique and fun challenge. Even a serious puzzle enthusiast is going to have a challenge with this one! Another fun thing about this puzzle is that the pieces are made from wood which gives it a real premium and special kind of feel.

Key Features:

  • This jigsaw puzzle is made from high-quality wooden pieces
  • It is a fun way for a person to relax and keep their mind active
  • Anyone who loves elephants is going to fall in love with this image
  • It is more like a piece of art than just a jigsaw puzzle!
  • They could frame this once they have completed it

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