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Scalextric Urban Outrun



An empty road, no one around, the growl of the engine the only sound for miles.
Two tuned up street cars go head to head to see who will come out on top and take victory.

This is Scalextric ‘Zombies vs Spartans’,
an epic battle that takes place over multiple track layouts - who will be victorious in your household?


  • 4 Track Layout4 Track Layout
  • Speed Limiter ControllerSpeed Limiter Controller
  • Lap CounterLap Counter


  • GT Spartan Car
  • GT Zombie Car
  • Powerbase straight
  • Lap counter straight
  • 6 x Radius 2 90° curve
  • 4 x Radius 2 45° curve
  • 2 x Track support
  • 2 x Speed limiter hand controllers
  • 4 x Braid plates
  • Transformer

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Price: $199.99 Each

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