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Paw Patrol Snap Card Game


Description: The Paw Patrol Snap Card Game is a fun, affordable and easy way to have a lot of fun with your family and your favourite Paw Patrol Characters! Made for 2-4 players this exciting card game brings all the excitement of the Paw Patrol gang, with its fun artwork and intense gameplay!

The Paw Patrol Fish Card Game is going to provide your child, their little friends and even you with hours and hours of fun. The idea of this awesome game is that you need to make a family of Paw Patrol. This is the classic card game, Go Fish which has been played and enjoyed for generations. But rather than just boring playing cards. This one uses all your child’s favourite Paw Patrol characters. Each player will have a set of cards that contain Paw Patrol characters. It is then up to each player to try and figure out who has the other characters that you need to make a complete set. This is a lot of fun and will require a little bit of detective work and also your child to develop their attention span and also their problem solving skills. So this is not just a really fun game there is also some educational value here as well.

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Price: $7.00 Each

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